"Solar energy is becoming increasingly essential and convincing to meet today's growing needs.
In full respect of the environment, our main mission is to use all our strength, passion and determination to bring a bright future,
made of clean energy, everywhere."
Who We Are


SOLAR CALL, is a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, with registered office in Milan - ITALY.
SOLAR CALL successfully works on major international markets, offering to its customers high performance solutions in compliance with the most restrictive quality standards required by leading certification bodies worldwide.

The company, which is part of a group of international manufacturing companies active since the year 2007 in the production of photovoltaic panels, has plants around the world focusing on technological innovation, standardization of processes and cost savings by leveraging economies of scale.



SOLAR CALL ensures excellent products at competitive prices thanks to the standardization process, cost reduction, significant economies of scale and the Group's overall capacity to produce more than 300 MW / year of photovoltaic modules allow. From cell's stringing to panel lamination to test phase, every phase of the process takes place in accordance with the most stringent international standards of control and optimization, thanks to a process engineering of excellence and experience.

The main manufacturing facilities are located in Europe and Asia, to serve the needs of different markets and always in line with the most advanced technological innovation levels (5 and 4BB production with PERC technology). The main production for the European market is located in Northern Italy (near Milan) and boasts production lines for an annual capacity of more than 70 MW with silicon technology (mono and poly).







SOLAR CALL aims to spread renewable energy worldwide, producing and delivering quality photovoltaic modules, with particular attention to end-user requirements and respect for the environment.

Many families and businesses have chosen Solarcall panels for their investments.

With SOLAR CALL the excellence of American engineering joins the experience of the world's leading manufacturers so that clean energy is truly the energy of the future and everyone.